Notice is hereby given that the Armona Union Elementary School District invites all contractors to be included on the District’s UPCCAA bid list by submitting the following information:

  1. Company name, contact person, and address where contractor may be contacted.
  2. Telephone number and fax number where contractor may be contacted.
  3. Email where the contractor may be contacted.
  4. Type of work (trade) that the contractor is interested in and currently licensed to perform.
  5. Contractor’s license(s) number(s).
  6. Classification of contractor’s license(s) held.

Please note: Pursuant to Senate Bill 854, all contractors must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) to perform public work projects with the District in excess of one thousand dollars ($1,000). If you are interested in signing up on the District’s vendor list including UPCCAA, please click on the “Vendor List Registration” link and fill out the application. Buyers will use this list to contact vendors for quotes and to extend invitations to Bid. Any vendor who chooses to register his/her company acknowledges the Armona Union Elementary School District is not obligated to notify the vendor of all bid solicitations within his/her registered commodity. Vendors shall rely on official notification in the local paper for formal bid solicitations. Also, it is the vendors’ responsibility to keep the information updated and correct by completing a new form for any contact information changes. To confirm the information you submitted was accepted and correct, click on the Vendor List Results link. If you would like to make any changes resubmit a form using the "Vendor List Registration" link.