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Transportation is a privilege allowed to school children dependent on their good behavior. The bus driver, with a load of children, has a responsibility for the safety of each and every child on his bus. His attention must be on his job of safe driving at all times. Obviously, the distraction caused by misbehavior on the bus endangers the lives of all passengers. Good behavior is essential and any child who does not conform will be denied the privilege of riding the bus. Attendance at school is mandatory by California State Law and it then becomes the full responsibility of each parent to see that his/her child gets to school. Parents are legally responsible for their children's transportation to school. Bus transportation is a privilege provided by the District to assist parents in meeting their responsibilities and may be revoked upon misconduct. With the safety of the students uppermost in mind:

  • All students are entitled to District transportation to and from school who live further than one and one half (1 1/2) miles from their school.
  • The route shall be such that stops will be made at the mile and the half mile. Therefore, no child shall be required to walk more than 1/4 mile, except where a railroad or route conflict causes a different standard to be established.
  • If two students live within one half mile of each other, they shall walk to a central point between the two residences, which shall be safe for a bus stop.

Students riding buses should know the time to catch their bus in the morning and be at the bus stop at the correct time.

  • Parents need to allow a five (5) minute window prior to and after scheduled pick-up time due to weather and/or traffic situations.
  • Parents must send a note specifying a stop other than the usual one if they wish their child to get off at a different stop that is not their regular stop. If your child does not ride the bus, and you would like them to ride the bus to a friend or relative, please send a note explaining what their bus stop should be.
  • Parents must call at least thirty (30) minutes before the end of the school day if a written note has not been given; the child must be picked up or he/she will be sent to the regular stop, unless an emergency exists.