Speech & Language

Speech and Language therapy is a service provided to district students who meet eligibility requirements through a battery of assessments. Speech-Language Pathologists and staff provide direct articulation, language, voice and fluency interventions to students placed in a variety of general and special education settings. Therapy goals and service minutes are determined based on student need. Therapy may be provided to students one on one, in small group, or a combination. We work collaboratively with administrators, teachers and parents in their efforts to develop goals and instructional strategies that support academic achievement. We practice open communication that fosters creativity, welcomes new ideas, acknowledges individual talents and contributions, and promotes teamwork.

Speech & Language Pathologist

Melanie Arevalo, Speech and Language Pathologist AE (559) 583-5010 extn 1054 PV (559) 583-5020 extn 2056 melanie.arevalo@kingscoe.org